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Dwimitra Listenlights Indonesia

We are proud to announce the launch of Dwimitra Listenlights, a strategic partnership between PT. Dwimitra Ekatama Mandiri and Listenlights Pvt. Ltd. PT. Dwimitra Ekatama Mandiri is a premier M&E service provider in Indonesia, with over 23 years of experience…

Indonesian Cloud and Data Center Convention

Jakarta, May 16th, 2024 DwimitraListenlights Triumphs at Indonesian Cloud and Data Center Convention 2024 A significant stride towards innovation and collaboration, DwimitraListenlights recently showcased its prowess at the esteemed Indonesian Cloud and Data Center Convention held at Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta,…

S.A.G.E. 2024

Mumbai, India – April 13, 2024 Gains Insight at Listenlights SAGE 2024 in India, First Step Unite to Form as DwimitraListenlights Dwimitra Ekatama Mandiri, a prominent player in the Indonesian Data Center & MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) industry, recently…

DME Iftar Dinner

Iftar Internal DME Breaking the fast together has become an eagerly anticipated tradition every year for Muslims around the world. However, beyond its religious aspect, this moment also serves as valuable time to strengthen social and professional relationships. DWIMITRA EKATAMA…

5 Million Safe Manhours – Achievements

Achievements An acknowledgment is extended to PT Dwimitra Ekatama Mandiri for its participation in the prestigious achievement of 5 million safe manhours at the JC2 green campus in Cibitung, Greater Jakarta, by PDG. Maintaining a safety-first culture is crucial, especially in industries…

Meeting Management

Corporate Synergy Bali, 2023 Unveiling the future of Dwimitra Ekatama Mandiri in this pivotal gathering. Together, we shape success. hashtag#CorporateSynergy hashtag#MeetingManagement

Training AOS and ATD

Certification Bali, November 21st-23rd 2023 “Elevate Your Expertise With Uptime Institute’s Accredited Tier Designer Certification”Dwimitra Ekatama Mandiri together with Uptime Institute have Successfully held AOS and ATD in Bali on 21st – 23rd November. We would like to thank the…