304 North Cardinal St.
Dorchester Center, MA 02124

Work Hours
Monday to Friday: 7AM - 7PM
Weekend: 10AM - 5PM

What We Do?

Our Work

  • Design &


    We help plan and design MEP systems for buildings or projects. This involves understanding the client's needs, assessing the requirements of the project, and creating a blueprint for the MEP systems.

  • Implementation &

    System Integration

    Once the design is finalized, we proceed with implementing the MEP systems. This includes installing mechanical, electrical, and plumbing components according to the design specifications. They ensure that all systems work together seamlessly.

  • Manage Operation &


    After the MEP systems are installed, we continues to support their clients by managing the operation of these systems. This involves regular maintenance, troubleshooting any issues that arise, and providing ongoing support to ensure the efficient functioning of the MEP systems.

Our Expertise

Design Integrate 90%
Construction 75%
Commissioning 85%
TCO Analysis 80%
Automation % Monitoring System 90%
Security Access Control and Network 100%
Manage Operation 100%
Certification 100%